refund and cancellation policy

At the time of purchasing service/services, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following payment, refund and cancellation policy:-

Agreement to these terms
Once you made a purchase for our service/services, it will be understood your consent to our payment, refund and cancellation policy. This policy may be updated from time to time, so you should check back regularly.

Cash or Personal Cheque with Bankers Card, all major Credit/Debit Cards, payment Transfer by NEFT,RTGS and all legal payments methods , which are given on website , are acceptable. Our Terms are payment in full at the time of purchase. No option of cash on delivery will be present. All Services remain the property of the Firm until paid for in full.
Returned cheques will incur charge to cover banking penalty fees and administrative costs. In an instance of a second Returned cheque, we reserve the right to terminate the arrangement and, if agreed to, we shall insist on future transactions, as firm wants with conditions, only. Consequently, all bookings and/or transactions and agreements entered into will cease with immediate effect until such time as any and all outstanding monies are recovered in full.

Refunds Policy & Cancellation Policy
Until the appointment for personal meeting or on phone is given / service is given/service’s report is not delivered by any means/ 24 hours is not passed since making request in normal mode services/ 6 hours is not passed since making request in urgent mode services, cancellation with full refund request will be accepted .Request in person, via email, by call, mobile phone ‘text message’ will be accepted, subject to confirmation in writing. We reserve the right to levy appropriate charge to cover any subsequent administrative expenses.
Both the Client and ourselves have the right to terminate any Services Agreement for any reason, including the ending of services that are already underway. No refunds shall be offered, where a Service is deemed to have begun and is, for all intents and purposes, underway. Any monies that have been paid to us which constitute payment in respect of the appointment is not given for requested Services, shall be refunded.
Fund Payment Failure transactions from technical reasons are subject to refund of payment gateways and for the type of transactions, you are deemed to accepted payment gateway provider’s t & c, refund policy or privacy Policy and any or all Agreements. While payment in cash, cheque, NEFT or RTGS in firm’s Account, refunds will be subjected to the agreement between us. All Refunds will be done within 72 hours by the proprietor, if no any technical reason is there. If the requested service/services is not given in normal conditions under the agreement of this website then either the payment, in full, will be refunded or time will be extended as per client’s consent, in written in any means.