Predictions - Variations in Accuracy

Actually, predictions are resultant of analyzed factors, which are taken into consideration at the time of analysis of the Birth Chart. Accuracy and particularity of predictions/ Horoscope depend on a number of factors taken into consideration at the time of horoscope analysis of a particular person. It depends on the astrologer’s technical knowledge, experience, and ability to make the predictions, relevant to the current scenario.

Level 1- The most general or approximate prediction is done on the basis of only one or two factors of the concerned person’s Birth Chart details. This type of prediction is made on the base of the calculation of nature and qualities of sign either of moon sign or birth chart’ sign, also can be based on both factors but the level of accuracy doesn’t vary so much. This type of calculation is done by a large percentage of astrologers. Zodiac sign-based predictions can be watched frequently on TV programs*, daily in newspapers’ horoscopes* or can be got from a local astrologer’s who either are amateur or beginners in astrology or even don’t know the base of astrology. Actually, this level of prediction is free astrology, an easily available online mode that is provided on free astrology websites or by free astrologers on websites. This is a very general and macro horoscope and the chances of accuracy are lowest because it differs all mankind of world in only 12 types on the basis of 12 zodiac signs whereas every man is unique in this world according to one’s nature and qualities.

Level 2- Prediction somewhat gets accurate and personalized if it’s done on the basis of planetary positions in birth chart and dasha. Most astrologers calculate on this level for making predictions. This level of prediction also can be watched on some TV programs but to get this somewhat accuracy also, an understanding of principles is mandatory.

Level 3- More accurate predictions than the previous one, is calculated on the basis of a Birth chart, either a Moon chart or navmansa chart or both, and planetary dashas. Percentage of astrologers decreases, who follow these grounds.

Like as explained above, the factors for calculation increase to 30-35(vary according to query) as you go for accurate and personalized prediction. Some factors out of 30-35 are- Degree of birth in sign, Bhawa extension, Bhawa ‘s owner, default planet of respective query, constellations, degree of every planet, the current position of the planet in the universe called gochara, power of every planet, chart of respective query, etc.

Thus the most accurate and personalized prediction is done on the basis of calculations of 30-35 factors, which requires analytical ability, deep understanding and expertise in astrological principles, knowledge of humanities, the consciousness of happenings around in the world with a large amount of intuitive capability to make prediction compatible according to changing time trends factors like diversity in social systems, resources.
* Predictions are made on the basis of planets’ position in transit respective to the moon sign.

Sachin Bholle