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Each of the planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, rotate on their own axis and revolve around Sun, consequently move on their fix path around in universe (Sun does not revolves around any planet).Thus Energies' mixture*, due to presence of planets' energy on every place of Earth, regularly changes in approx every moment due to planets' and Earth's regular movement. So, exact details become very important for accurate prediction. Calculations for any prediction are made on the base of the energies' mixture, was present at moment of birth time on the place of birth, and this energies' mixture is represents by charts like-Birth chart, Moon chart, Navmansa chart, Dasmansa chart in a structural way by chart' 12 houses.

Rashi's chart, Moon's chart, Bhawa's chart, Navmansa's chart, planet's power chart and planets' current position in universe are the initial charts out of approx 30-35 facts are calculated one by one at the same time to reach on accurate prediction. If prediction is done taking into consideration only the Rashi's chart or less than all necessary facts for accurate prediction, the accuracy of prediction decrease definitely and that is useless in now-a-days competitive lifestyle.

*Every Planet and Zodiac sign have specific energy. Every place of earth receives all planets' rays in form of mixture. Since rays are energy in themselves that's why rays' mixture is called energy'mixture.

Click here to read this article in Hindi

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