image of birth chart/kundli of narerndra modi,designed and edited by famous astrologer sachin bholle, based on on vedic astrology's concepts to predict horoscope.

Published on- 20 April 2013

The Gujarat election has been over and as we predicted, Narendra Modi made hat trick by becoming Chief Minsiter of Gujarat for the third time in a row.Now we will analyse Sh Narendra Modi’s kundli for the of esteemed post of India’s prime minister.

First of all, Narendra modi’s details are-
D.O.B – 17th September, 1950
Time of Birth – 11.00 Am
Place of Birth – Mehsana Gujarat.

As per this details, his lagna sign is of Scorpio, also his rashi sign is Scorpio because Moon is located in 1st house(Bhawa) in Neech but moon gets Neechbhanga because Scoripo Sign’s lord as well as lagna lord Mars is in scorpio. Moon and Mars Combination in 1st house makes powerful Neechbhanga Rajyoga as Mars is located in Bhawamadhya (position in Bhawa, where every planet works with its full efficiency and power )and make him initiate taking and enthusiastic personality with outstanding achievements,these both planets gave him a record hat-trick win in Gujarat elections because at that time he was undergoing in moon-mars dasa. Rahu is in 5th house, Saturn and Venus is in 10th house and sun, Mercury, Ketu is in 11th house.Without any doubt, Sh Narendra Modi’s has very strong Birth chart because all planets except Venus is located in approximate Bhawamadhya. According to Narendra Modi’s Birth Chart, he is now undergoing in end of Mars antardasha in Moon Mahadasha.

Thus, from April 2013 to September 2014, He will be undergo Rahu antardasha in Chandra Mahadasha . Within this period Lok Sabha election is projected(April 2014).In this time period, Sh Narendra Modi has a strong planetary placement.As the Rahu antardasha starts, he will be in an important role above from state level politics but he needs to be cautious about the choices he makes. He may face severe opposition and criticism because of rahu’s naturality but after all moon will make him focused for goal by mental strength. He needs to pay more attention to his health in the latter half of the year. His spirit and will power will play an important role in helping him get through all hiccups of 2013.Overall His chances of being the next PM are sure* means India will get a new P.M and we will witness widespread support for him in the upcoming months.

*Planetary role or support for any result in person’s life varies between 75 to 100 and in case of Sh Narendra Modi it is more than 95 % (can be called sure).

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