Astrology Articles

What is astrology

“Every man on Earth, have a unique mixture of specific energies that have controlled his all matters in past,have control at present and will…..

Birth Chart or Kundli

Birth’s chart consists of 12 boxes/houses. These boxes/houses are called bhawas in astrology. In these 12 bhawas, each bhawa consists of some……

Predictions-Base and process

Each of the planets (except Sun) Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and 2 shadowy planets- Rahu and Ketu, rotate on their own axis and…..

Predictions- Variations in Accuracy

In previous article, we explained the base and process of making prediction. In this article we will analyze, how accuracy level of prediction…..

Utility and Utilization of Astrology

Nobody in this world can deny or underestimate the importance of deeds (????) because it is eternal truth of this world since the beginning…..