Acclaimed astrologer Sachin Bholle is renowned and famous name in vedic Indian science Astrology for his expertise in astrology with successful experience of more than 15 years. Astrologer Bholle predicts relevant and practically applicable predictions according to changing scenario of time trends. Post-graduate with excellent academic record, having deep inter-disciplined knowledge of various Humanities subjects with scientific approach, astrologer Bholle is blessed with a large amount of clairvoyance, intuitiveness and spiritual virtues. He chose his profession as Astrologer with a mission to serve and research in this great and precious science-Astrology by making its concepts again relevant and practically compatible according to changing scenario of world as Its were in the golden era of its renowned founders, thinkers and experts.

Astrologer Bholle’s capability of interpreting astrology’s principles, according to changing time trends with practical approach but in scientific manner to predict the most accurate prediction, is the result of his researched work, is being done for more than a decade. In his prominent researched work till now, astrologer Bholle has pointed out Birth chart’s 30 to 35 variable but decisive factors for accurate prediction and discovered invaluable method of one by one calculations of these 30-35 factors to reach on most accurate level of prediction. Besides this, remarkable number of astrology’s key concepts has been successfully reinterpreted in scientific manner, with consideration of relevancy and practical applicability in this changing scenario of time.

Acclaimed astrologer Sachin Bholle is researching in this precious field for more than 16 years and started professional predicting 12 years ago. Since then, A number of thousand people from across the world has been benefited in their career, education, business, relation, family, legal, health and various matters by following his more than 10000 accurate predictions and valuable counseling including politicians, bureaucrat’s, Businessmen’s ,celebrities’. In his famous and remarkable predictions, he successfully traced recession of 2008 in U.S and its limited affect on India, China Rising in World’s map, India’s internal Disturbance, the second terms of U.P.A in India, Democratic Party’s second term in U.S, B.J.P’s victory In Gujarat and S.P clear victory in U.P recently and predicted about Sonia Gandhi, L.K Advani, Barack Obama, Narendra Modi, Mulayam Singh, Nitish Kumar and many more. .

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