Utility And Utilization Of Astrology:-


"Nobody in this world can deny or underestimate the importance of deeds ( कर्म ) because it is eternal truth of this world since the beginning of life that every man reaps his deeds ( प्रत्येक जीव अपने कर्मो का फल भोगता या भुगतता है। ) either in existing life or in his next lives".

First of all, Astrology can be classified in five branches-
1-Siddhanta ( सिद्धान्त ) or Mathematical Astrology
2-Samhita ( संहिता ) or Mundane Astrology
3-Hora( होरा ) or Horoscope
4-Prashna ( प्रश्न ) or Horary Astrology
5- Muhurta ( मुहूर्त ) or Electional Astrology

To analyze the utility of astrology and to make this article relevant for its title, we will limit ourselves to only predictive and most popular part of astrology- Horoscope.

Whatever deeds, one has performed in this existing life, can reap up to some extent in this existing life and the rest accumulates as Accumulated Deeds ( संचित कर्म ) for next lives and obviously these accumulated deeds finalize our next lives up to a large extent ("Large extent" word was used intentionally because one can change the actual result up to some extent by one's good deeds and god's grace.). The nature of these ready to be reaped(in this present life) accumulated deeds of previous lives can be determined by individual's birth chart. And exactly this is the utility of astrology, which represent the ready to be reaped(in this present life) accumulated deeds of previous lives in the form of complex structure of astrological calculations namely-Birth chart.

A professional astrologer interprets birth chart, using astrological principles of horoscope, to predict the ratio of compatibility (Good accumulated deeds) or non- compatibility (Bad accumulated deeds) for any specific event, work, occasion etc. in the individual's life. But when it comes to exactness of event, it depends on three important factors-

1- Astrological compatibility, can be calculated by professional astrologer.
2- Human's will and how much effort, he did, do or will do for that specific event, work, occasion etc.
3-God's grace

Thus, to reach on more exactness of any event more than analyzed and calculated astrological compatibility, an amount of intuitiveness and knowledge is required but again the new problem emerges in form of quick changes in scenario of world, but this can also be solved by collecting more and more knowledge of all aspects of a man life and world, seems very difficult task but surely not impossible.

In above part of article, it has been discussed that an astrologer forecasts astrological compatibility for individual's specific question and this is most productive part of astrology to be utilized and if one use it wisely, to know the planets compatibility for his future projections, can remarkably progress in this world. There is a proverb also:-"Fools obey planets and wise control and use them.:

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